Meet Will and Grace . . .

Will and Grace were born January 27, 2017 and will be ready to go to their forever homes March 24, 2017. Grace has already found a mama and Will is waiting in anticipation for just the right family to come find him. We’re accepting deposits to hold Will so if you’re interested, please call or text Kelly for more information. 909-996-6258

“My name is Will! Let’s be friends.”

On his 6 week birthday, Will was charting to weigh 4.25 lb full grown. He’s doing excellent on his potty training. He’ll be up to date on his vaccinations, and he comes with CKC papers.


White applehead Chihuahua puppy with adorable
black ears and 2 little spots down his back

$2,000 00Sold

Will is a happy, calm boy and prefers to let his sister perform most of the drama around here. He has adorable short lets and a cobby shaped frame. He’s very sociable and gets his tiny tail wagging whenever anyone gives him attention. He loves to share a big rib bone with his sister – or eat it all himself since she would probably cause too much drama!

  • Charting to weigh 4.25 lb full grown!
  • Perfect sized Chihuahua for a family with kids – not too big and not too tiny/fragile
  • Hand raised with kids – he’s extremely sociable
  • Up to date on vaccinations and working on potty training
  • purebred with CKC Papers

If you think Will might be the right boy for your family, call Kelly to secure him as your sweetie pie!

Will’s all time favorite activity is lounging around in his plush bed!

But when anyone walks by, he always pops up to say “Hello”


Will has gone home with his new Mommy and Daddy, Alena and Abel. They report back that he’s settling into his new family perfectly and they even sent me this video update of him playing:

Grace inherited her daddy’s gorgeous, full coat. She’s a tiny little fluff ball hopping around. She has a very pretty little applehead and a sociable, playful personality to go with it. Grace is working on her potty training and she will be up to date on her vaccinations. These are purebred CKC Chihuahuas for sale and we are looking for just the right placement where they will continue to be loved and spoiled.

  • Female Applehead Chihuahua Puppy
  • Sociable, friendly and outgoing personality
  • Charting to weigh 4.5 lb full grown
  • Long, fluffy Coat
  • Working on her potty training
  • CKC Papers


Long Haired Applehead Chihuahua puppy

$2500 Sold

Update: Grace is so excited to go home with her new mama, Coleen on March 24th!

Grace loves to watch videos of other puppies!