Pumpkin $1700 00

Micro Teacup Female Chihuahua puppy born August 27, 2016


Pumpkin is a fawn colored teenie, tiny female Chihuahua puppy. She she should top out around 2.5 – 3 lb full grown.

Pumpkin does not realize she’s tiny. She has a mighty personality and wherever she goes, she makes sure everyone knows she’s boss. Pumpkin is fun to play dress up with. We love putting clothes on her and taking her on outings with us. She hides perfectly in my purse and no one knows she’s there.

Because of Pumpkin’s tiny size, she is fragile and we do not recommend she goes to a home with small children or rambunctious pets. We let her think she’s in charge, but really, we have to be vigilantly protective of her. If you have the perfect place for Pumpkin, call or text Kelly to discuss: 909-996-6258.

At 8 weeks old Pumpkin fits perfectly in my hand.