Fool Proof Potty Training Method!

Step one: Buy 2 small wire crates — one of them must be the kind with the removable trays underneath. You can find them at most pet stores, or you can order the crates on Amazon using this link:

Step two: Buy large underpads. The underpads found in pet stores are too small and won’t do the trick. You will need to get bigger ones that are larger than the crate itself. Here’s the link for the pads I use:

Step three: If you want to be stylish and cool, buy a hand made, super soft snuggle bed and a matching snugglie from my website (coming soon)

Step four: Lay one large potty pad on the floor in the exact spot you want your puppy to use for the rest of her life (hint, if you eventually want your puppy to learn to go outside, it’s best to put it right in front of the back door). Put the tray-less crate on top of the potty pad. The weight of the crate solves the problem of the puppies playing tug of war with the pad.

Step five: Put your custom made awesome Sweetie Pie Pet’s snuggle bed inside the crate WITH the hard bottom, then with both crate doors open, put the crates face to face with each other. Put the food and water bowl inside.

Step six: Add your puppy to the crate!

Step seven: Consider these 2 crates her permanent residence for now. She should sleep in there, and live in there when you are not home. Only let her out of the crate when you are specifically interacting her. Chihuahuas are very social so she needs plenty of play time with her person but she also needs rest often so for the most part, keep her in the crate. When you have time to give her undivided attention, remove the potty crate and set it aside but leave the pad in its spot in front of her “den.” If she squats to go potty anywhere other than her pad, put the potty crate back immediately and put her inside until she’s gone potty. This is where it’s hard sometimes because she will WANT to come out and get attention but you have to be strong and not let her out until she finishes going potty in the potty crate. No matter how much she’s whining, ignore her until she goes.

Don’t scold her when she has an accident since the goal is to make her WANT to pee on the pad and scolding just makes her afraid of her person. Any time you notice her using the potty crate, praise her with a tiny treat. The best time to let her out to play is right AFTER she’s gone potty in the potty crate. That way she’ll be able to hold it longer and have fewer mistakes.

As the puppy grows, lengthen the amount of time she spends with the potty crate removed. Once she knows where that spot is, she will never stray. After she’s received all of her puppy vaccinations, you can transition her to go outside which will be another video for another day.