Olivia received the gift of a lifetime!

Olivia is a sweet girl who just always wanted a puppy. Birthdays, Christmases, or when anyone simply asked, Olivia wanted a puppy. 

Olivia’s grandmother, Karen, and her parents, Daniel and Emily finally decided it was time to fulfill that wish. When Olivia was 10 years old and was showing a lot of responsibility, they decided the time was right.

But they wanted to be sure and get just the right Sweetie Pie for this very special girl. Karen, Daniel, and Emily did it the right way. Rather than rushing into a decision, they put a lot of thought and planning into it and did their research, and after a lot of hard work with long hours on the phone and scouring the internet, they found Kelly and SweetiePiePets.com and decided to put a deposit down for an upcoming litter.

. . . and then they waited patiently!  . . .  and kept it all a big secret from little Olivia, which is not easy. There’s nothing more joyful for parents and grandparents than the knowledge that your precious daughter is about to experience such a heartwarming event.

Finally the puppies were born, and although mama had only one baby in her litter, they decided she was exactly the puppy they were looking for.

Again they waited for 8 long weeks. All the while Kelly was sending them pictures and video updates so they could watch their new family member as she grew.

Eventually, the day came for Olivia to get her new Sweetie Pie. Grandma Karen and Mom Emily came to pick up their new baby and take her to surprise Olivia. All the while Dad was waiting with anticipation. 

Olivia was so excited and completely surprised by her new baby. She had no idea everyone had planned to make her dream come true.

Kelly of Sweetie Pie Pets absolutely LOVES stories like these. We know each of our Sweetie Pies brings so much joy into the lives of their forever families. That’s just what we want for all our Sweetie Pies.

We’re so happy that Olivia and Baby found each other!

Olivia receives the gift of a lifetime

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April 16, 2017