Extreme Apple Head Chihuahua Puppies

Just in time for Christmas, I have a litter of 2 girls that are sure to melt your heart and warm your soul!

DOB: October 24, 2015. Ready December 19, 2015

Joy $1,500 00

Congratulations, Leah and Terry on your new baby. Thank you for driving all the way from Arizona to give her a wonderful, loving home. 

Baby Joy’s best feature is her gorgeous, huge bug eyes and the expressions she makes with her little face. One look at that sweet face with her expressive eyes, and your heart will melt! I love the wrinkly eye lids. With her face and her coloring, she looks a little like a teacup Boxer! Joy is a little larger than her sister Merry – I expect her to reach about 4 lb full grown. She is up to date on her puppy shots and is doing wonderfully on her potty training.

If you feel you could offer the right home for Joy, please call or text Kelly to inquire: 909-996-6258

Joy is ready just in time for Christmas. Put a big bow on her and put her under the tree!
“Hello, I’m looking for that perfect someone to take me home!”
Baby Joy8 weeks old
Joy is 8 weeks old now and ready to go to her forever home!
Baby Joy8 weeks old
We love dressing her up and showing off how beautiful Joy is!
Baby Joy8 weeks old
Just look at that little face – irresistible!!!

Meet Terry and his new BOSS

That’s right! The 1 lb Chihuahua is the one in charge of Terry and Leah’s house hold. Terry is having all kinds of fun taking pictures and videos of his new boss. Don’t tell Terry we said so, but we think he is wrapped around Joy’s little . . . paw!

Terry and Leah drove all the way from Arizona to pick up their new baby Joy. They report back that she has brought the joy back into their lives after the passing of their beloved PawPaw. We call that “the perfect match” and that’s just what we strive for here at Sweetie Pie Pets.

THANK YOU, Terry and Leah for giving Joy a wonderful home.

Merry $2,000 00

Congratulations, Carlos and family on your new baby girl. We hope Merry made this your best Christmas ever!. 

Baby Merry is a Teacup Applehead Chihuahua puppy. She weighs only 1lb 1oz. at 8 weeks old and she’s still carrying a lot of baby fat on her tiny frame so I expect her to thin down some and very likely stay below 3 lb full grown. Merry has the extreme baby doll face with the wide set eyes and super short snout. She is unbelievably beautiful. Such a special baby deserves a very special home. We are looking for a home where she can be spoiled rotten and loved constantly like she deserves.

Baby Merry is up to date on her puppy shots and is doing wonderfully on her potty training. Because of her tiny size, she is not a good candidate for families with small children or large pets. She needs a family who will give her constant companionship.

If you feel you could offer the right home for Merry, please call or text Kelly to inquire: 909-996-6258

Merry Christmas
Merry is all bundled up in her wool sweater and snow hat. As if she would ever go out in the snow!! But it’s so much fun to dress her up.
Merry Christmas
When I put a Santa hat on her head, she was so curious what that was and lifted her nose to sniff it. She didn’t realize lifting her head also lifted the hat! It was so darn cute.
Baby Merry8 weeks old
Merry is too precious to sleep on any ol’ bed. She deserves the bed of a princess because that’s what she is!
Baby Merry8 weeks old
Merry is learning how to pop out of her box and make someone the perfect Christmas present!
Baby Merry8 Weeks Old
Baby Merry just wants someone who will love her unconditionally. She gets me every time she looks up at me with those huge, hazel colored eyes!
Baby Merry8 Weeks Old
Merry is looking for the perfect family where she will be spoiled rotten and can give kisses all day long!