Sorry, Miley’s puppies have already found homes

But feel free to contact us to see if we have anything similar.

Cupid and Miley’s puppies.

DOB: Aug 5, 2015

1 boy and 1 girl in Miley’s litter

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Papa CupidSire
Cupid is our beautiful Sire, currently fathering all our puppies. He weighs in at a whopping 2.1 lb and has a beautiful apple head! We are very proud of Cupid
Mama MileyDam
Miley is one of our smaller mommas, weighing just 3 lb. She is black and tan with white markings. She has a beautiful apple head a very sweet disposition.

Star $1,500 00

Baby Star is a Micro Teacup Applehead Chihuahua puppy. She weighs only 1lb. at 10 weeks old. She’ll be lucky if she makes it to 2.5 lb full grown. She is beautiful in every way with a huge apple head, strong ears, and big brown eyes. Baby Star is looking for the perfect home where she will be spoiled rotten like she’s used to. Star was born in our home and, since birth, has been handled and loved daily. She’s used to being the center of attention. Her favorite activity is cuddling and giving kisses.

Star is too tiny for the XS clothes sold at pet stores so she’s wearing a hand made sweater. She’s up to date on her puppy shots and is doing wonderfully on her potty training. She is such a special baby girl and needs to be placed in just the right home. Because of her tiny size, she is not a good candidate for families with small children or large pets. She needs a family who will give her constant companionship.

Please call or text Kelly for inquiry: 909-996-6258

Baby Star10.5 weeks old
Star prances around with pride because she’s a little princess!
Baby Star10.5 weeks old
She chases her tail and tugs at her sweater.
Baby Star10.5 Weeks Old
She’s curious and loving and wants to give kisses to everyone.
Baby Star10.5 Weeks Old
Star is looking for the perfect family where she will be spoiled rotten like she’s used to.
Baby Star10.5 Weeks Old
She curls up in a tiny ball and falls asleep! She must get her beauty rest!
Baby Star10.5 Weeks Old
She wakes up from her nap and looks around to see who’s gonna give her cuddles.
Baby Star10.5 Weeks Old
Who’s there?
Baby Star10.5 Weeks Old
Good morning, baby Star! Ready for breakfast?
Baby Star10.5 Weeks Old
Star has a beautiful, fawn smooth coat with black eyelashes and muzzle.
Baby Star10.5 Weeks Old
At age 10.5 weeks, she’s still smaller than may hand.
Baby Star10.5 Weeks Old
“Oh, I see something interesting!!”
Baby Star10.5 Weeks Old
And . . . she’s off to start her day!
Baby Star at 8 Weeks Old
Click the picture to enlarge and see those beautiful black eyelashes!

SOLD Star $1,500 00SOLD

Meet tiny Star! She is fawn colored with a beautiful white star on her forehead and beautiful black eyelashes! Baby Star is a very sweet natured girl just like her mother. She prefers cuddling with us on the couch over rough housing with her brother.

She is absolutely precious in every way.

  • Tiny Chihuahua Puppy
  • CKC Papers
  • Current on vaccinations
  • Cuddly personality
  • Not a good candidate for homes with small children or large pets
  • Not a good candidate for families who spend a lot of time away
Baby Star7 weeks old
Baby Star is getting ready to meet her new family. She practices giving kisses so that she will be an expert when she is adopted by her forever family.
Baby Star7 Weeks Old
At 7 weeks old, Baby star is barely starting to fit into her handmade XXS sweater. She looks at mama Kelly longingly to pick her up and give her kisses.
Baby Star7 Weeks Old
Baby Star is eating hard kibbles and working on her potty training.
Baby Star1 Week Old
At 1 week her eyes are still tightly closed but she responds positively to being cuddled in my hand.

Miley’s Boy, Bully $1000 00


UPDATE: Congratulations Rainy on your new baby boy. Rainy reports back that Bully is doing excellently in his new home. He has kept up with his potty training and is Mr. Sociable when she takes him on outings.

Mr. Bully, born August 5, 2015 to Miley and Cupid is . . . well, he’s a bully. But he comes by his name honestly. Not only does he like to bully his baby sister around, but he was born with a tiny stub tail – just like a bull dog. Bully is bigger than his sister (which isn’t saying much) but his personality takes the cake.

No one told Bully that Chihauhuas are supposed to have tails so he has no shame in his little stub. In fact, Bully thinks he’s Mr. Perfect!! He is a fine candidate for families with other pets and would be fine with larger dogs. He doesn’t even know he’s little!

Miley's Baby Boy7 Weeks Old
At 7 weeks old Bully has started to thin down some. He’s handsome in his hand made sweater.
Miley's Baby Boy5 Weeks Old
By 5 weeks old, little Bully’s personality is really starting to develop. He loves to play on the floor with Mama Kelly. After a good run, he gets tired out and curls up on my lap.
Miley's Baby Boy3 Weeks Old
By 3 weeks old Bully’s eyes are open and he’s noticing there’s a big world out there. He’s starting to crawl around on his belly more and will soon be romping around.
Miley's Baby Boy2 Weeks Old
Baby Bully is a little chunky boy. He likes to hog all the food from his sister. He’s so fat that he barley fits in my hand at age 2 weeks.