Meet Mike & Molly . . .

Mike and Molly are long haired, tri-colored Chihuahua puppies born July 6, 2016. They will be ready to leave their mama on August 31, 2106. We’re  accepting deposits to hold them so if you’re interested, please call or text Kelly for more information. 909-996-6258

“Can I be your love bug?”


Long, extra thick haired Chihuahua puppy – tri-color, black and tan

$2,000 00 Sold

Mike doesn’t look much like a dog, he looks more like a tiny puff ball waddling around! His wagging tail barely pokes out past his long fur! Although both babies are long haired, Mike has an EXTRA long, thick coat. He is a must see!

Mike and his sister Molly both have extremely laid back personalities. They like to play softly with each other — none of this rough housing like some puppies do. Mike and Molly are contented to prance around quietly and explore the family room. Mike makes an excellent candidate for families with kids. He’s not dominate or feisty like some Chihuahuas and he’s charting to weigh around 4.75 lb full grown.

If you agree that Mike is the most adorable little puff ball you’ve ever seen, hurry and call Kelly to secure him as your love bug!

  • Charting to weigh 4.75 lb full grown!
  • Gorgeous, full coat – he looks like a ball of puff waddling around!
  • Hand raised with kids – he’s extremely sociable
  • Up to date on vaccinations and working on potty training
  • purebred with CKC Papers

Mike, also know as the fluffiest Chihuahua in the world


Long Haired Applehead Chihuahua puppy

$2500 Sold

This is Sweetie Pie Molly. Molly is the smallest in the litter. She has adorably feminine features with the long fur mostly around her ears. She reminds me of a toddler with big pony tails. Molly has a nice applehead and big, expressive eyes. Like her brother, she is very sweet natured and loving. Molly is working on her potty training and she will be up to date on her vaccinations. These are purebred CKC Chihuahuas for sale and we are looking for just the right placement where they will continue to be loved and spoiled.

Congratulations, Eriko and family on your new baby girl. She can’t wait to come be a part of your family on September 4th!

  • Female Applehead Chihuahua Puppy
  • Sweet natured, loving personality
  • Charting to weigh 4.5 lb full grown
  • Long Coat
  • Working on her potty training
  • CKC Papers