2 boys available July 16th

DOB: May 21, 2016

These boys have both found loving homes already but check back often or call or text Kelly to see what we have coming up.


Smooth Coat Cream Chihuahua Puppy

$1000 00 Sold

Manny is Mr. playful! He always has a little sparkle in his eye as he hops around the living room looking for someone to entertain. He’s not partial either. Anyone will do. His happy, playful personality and his adorable white markings are his best qualities. Manny and his brother Moe have more of the deer head shaped head. They are up to date on their vaccinations and working on potty training.

  • Charting to Weigh 5.5 lb Full Grown!
  • Deer Head Shape
  • Cream Color Smooth Coat
  • Playful, Happy Personality
  • Up To Date on Vaccinations
  • Working on Potty Training

Who’s ready to play?

Larry and Becky are Manny’s new family

Larry and Becky live in Lake Havasu City, Arizona and are very happy about their decision to bring a new baby into the family. Larry reports back:

“He brings us more smiles than I could ever imagine. Thank you for the happiness he has already brought to our home. Everyone just can’t believe how cute he is. I wish we could have been able to get his brother too!”

THANK YOU, Larry and Becky for giving Manny a wonderful home.


Smooth Coat Cream Chihuahua Puppy with Green Eyes

$1000 Sold

Moe is a deer head chihuahua, fawn colored with white markings and beautiful green eyes. Moe’s personality is more shy than his outgoing brother but once he warms up to you, he’s a lover. His favorite activity is curling up in a ball on my lap.

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  • Charting to Weigh 5lb full grown
  • Quiet Personality
  • Gorgeous Green Eyes
  • Up To Date on Vaccinations
  • Working on His Potty Training

Moe now lives in Los Angeles with Kelly and Angelo

Moe (now named Hendrix) now lives in Los Angeles with his new mama and papa, Kelly and Angelo. Kelly reports back that Moe likes her a LOT! Possibly a little too much! He makes her sit there with him while he’s eating his food and he has taken over the bedroom! It’s funny how a tiny Chihuahua sometimes turns into the boss!

THANK YOU, Kelly and Angelo for spoiling little Moe!