Kuma $3000 00 Sold

When Zoe came to see Kuma, she immediately knew she must have her. We’re so excited for Zoe and Kuma to have someone special to love!

Zoe-&-KumaTiny Kuma is just about the most perfect Chihuahua we’ve ever seen . . . well actually, Cinnabon was just as beautiful. Who’s to say anyway, it’s not a competition but it certainly is the rarity when you get a baby that has all things going for it. Although all babies are precious, it’s more common to have standard sized Chihuahuas (up to 6 pounds). Kuma was born to one of our smallest mamas. Mandy is Kuma’s mama and she weighs just 2.75 lb.  Kuma inherited her mama’s tendency toward being tiny. We’ve been weighing and charting Kuma as she grows! Ready set go, she is charting to weigh less than 2.5 lb. At 9 weeks old she weighed just 14 oz.

I’ve had many buyers ask me about the pricing variation for our puppies. An excellent question since there is quite a large discrepancy between the prices. It all comes down to supply and demand. First, we love all our Chihuahuas, but they are a popular breed and part of the popularity is their size. The smaller babies tend to be in greater demand. Other highly valued features are the babydoll face, coby body, gender, coat length and color, etc.

In this case, Mandy is almost 2.5 years old and this is the very first puppy she has produced. And what a beautiful baby she did produce. I’ve had buyers waiting for about that much time to find their “perfect” baby, having tiny size, babydoll face, cobby body – it’s all very rare, but with Kuma we indeed had the “perfect storm” of all the right features. Here at Sweetie Pie Pets, all our babies are precious, but the more rare ones are definitely in higher demand.

Tiny Kuma is already sold, but if you’re looking for just that perfect baby like Kuma, call or text me to put a deposit to hold your spot in line.

UPDATE: Zoe and Kuma came back to visit one year later and we were able to take more pictures of little Kuma. She ended up growing to exactly the weight we had predicted . . . 2lb, 6 oz. We are so proud of how beautiful she is!