Chihuahuas don’t need a lot of exercise and they might be a bit stubborn about walking on a leash, but if you want to walk your chi. Here’s some tips for you!


Having your pup practice walking around with a harness or collar on around the house could help them become a lot more comfortable with the feeling. I personally prefer the harness as there’s no risk of it choking my dogs and leashes can easily slip off. A lot of harnesses and leashes are too big but here are some links of harnesses I use. And here’s the other harness¬†


After you have the harness or collar on, it’s important to get your chi comfortable with the feeling of the leash. For a couple of hours during the day, you should let them walk around with the harness and leash on so they know it’s not a threat and can get used to the weight of it. You should practice this with your pup until they’re comfortable. This step might take a bit depending on how timid or scared your chi is. During this time, I prefer to give my dogs some extra love and treats to motivate!


This is just like the step above, but this time you should try having them follow you with everything on. Make sure to keep treats in your hand and to not pick up the leash! You don’t want your dog feeling like they’re being restricted by the leash or that it’s a punishment. During this time you should only be using positive reinforcement and kind words.


Now it’s time to start walking on the leash! You can do this by holding the leash softly and having your dog follow treats either in your hand or on the ground. Do not tug or pull on the leash but instead lead your pup slowly to each treat, giving them positive words the whole way! After awhile of practice doing this, your dog should be comfortable following you around on the leash.

Yay! Now you and your pup are ready to begin the journey of hikes and beach walks with a leash! Keep in mind all of this can take up to a month to get depending on how stubborn or timid your dog is. Always make sure to practice positive reinforcement and patience. Good luck!