Darlene $2500 00 Sold

Update 10-5-17: Darlene (now Lily) went home with her new mommy and daddy, Cindy and John. We couldn’t be happier about this perfect home for Lily. Cindy needs a baby to fill her heart with joy again and Lily is lucky to have a mommy who will spend all day, every day with her.

Darlene has a thick, silky, red and white double coat. Mom is a cream colored smooth coat and daddy is a tri-color long coat and both parents have beautiful appleheads. Darlene is being hand raised inside our home, full of love. She’s used to being held by people of all ages and she loves other fur babies . . . as long as they’re not too rambunctious. Darlene has a personality more on the cuddly side and isn’t sure about pets who want to play too rough.

If you have the perfect home to offer Darlene, call or text Kelly at 909-996-6258.

“I practice playing dress up”

Mama Chula is a cream colored smooth coat with a beautiful applehead. Mama weighs 4 pounds.

Papa Captain Jack is a long coat tri-color with a beautiful applehead. Daddy weighs 3.5 pounds.