DOB: May 18, 2017

Short Coat, Sable Colored

Male Chihuahua Puppy

$2,000 00 Sold

Cupid has a friendly, outgoing personality and he loves attention. He greet every person and dog he meets with wags and kisses. Because he’s such a lover boy, we named him Cupid. Cupid is the only Sweetie Pie in his litter but he has a cousin that was born a few days later so he has been a lucky boy learning both how to spend alone time and also how to have good play dates with friends. Believe it or not, this is a plus since puppies born into large litters sometimes have a loud adjustment period when they leave their litter (they whine a lot). But not Cupid, he’s perfectly happy during his alone time when mama Mandy goes outside for her play time and he’s also very happy to have his daily play dates with his cousin. Cupid is still overweight from nursing so it’s difficult to chart his adult size, but we expect him to be in the 3 pound range full grown.

Since he’s the only one in the litter, he never had to share milk with any siblings. Now he has adorable fat rolls hanging from his belly!!

Parents of this Litter:

Mama Mandy
Mama MandyDam
Mama Mandy is one of our smallest mamas, weighing in less than 3 pounds. She is sable colored with big, beautiful eyes and a lovely applehead. Here she is being frisky with Wesley.
Papa Wesley
Papa WesleySire
Wesley is absolutely beautiful in every way. He has a gorgeous babydoll face and a long, white coat with cream markings. He is very proud with an excellent personality. Wesley comes from Championship bloodlines, as you can tell from his proud stance.