Mama Cookie
Mama CookieDam
Mama Cookie is, one of our prettiest mamas. She has the cobby body shape which means she’s short and stocky. She is red with very large eyes and a perfect Apple Head. She weighs 3.5 lb.

1 Girl Born January 13th

Purebread Female Chihuahua puppy from beautiful parents, Cupid & Cookie

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Kerry from South Carolina will be coming to pick up her sweet baby girl on March 21! Baby Girl is very excited to meet her new family!

Meet our gorgeous baby girl from Mama Cookie, who, while beautiful, is not a very good mama. This is Cookie’s second litter. Both times she had only 1 baby, and both times she rejected her baby. Fortunately, this time around, we were lucky enough to have 2 other litters at the same time, so Cookie’s baby was welcomed into the family with lots of milk and lots of love. Because of her special circumstances, this baby girl has learned to get along splendidly with everyone. Her orphan status, friendly personality and adorable features, made her a favorite among our family.

Papa Cupid
Papa CupidSire
Cupid is our beautiful Sire, currently fathering all our puppies. He weighs in at a whopping 2.1 lb and has a beautiful apple head! We are very proud of Cupid
Cookie's Baby Girl
Cookie's Baby GirlNewborn
Baby girl was rejected by Mama Cookie right after birth. Mama Miley was happy to welcome her in with her 2 babies. But I was worried about tiny Mama Miley feeding 3 babies on her own. So, a few days later, Cookie’s mother, Honey had a litter of 2 boys and happily accepted her granddaughter in with her 2 boys. Cookie is lucky to have 1 real mama, 2 adopted mamas, and of course, Mama Kelly who gives her love every day.
Cookie's Baby Girl
Cookie's Baby Girl1 week old
By 1 week old, it is obvious that Cookie is getting plenty of milk and is thriving. She has grown since birth and is groomed as clean as her adopted brothers. Her beautiful red coloring is really starting to show.
Cookie's Baby Girl
Cookie's Baby Girl2 weeks old
Cookie’s eyes are open now and it’s apparent she has a pretty apple head just like her mama. She has darker around her nose and ears and down her back and she looks like she dipped her left foot in white paint.

By 4 weeks old Baby girl is already playing and interacting. We’ve started her crate training and she is doing unbelievably well at going out of the living area and into the bathroom section to go. I’ve never had such great success with such a young one. She’s such a sweetie.