The Tale of the Tail – what does a dog’s tail communicate?

One of the body features that are truly unique to Chihuahuas is their tail! According to AKC breed standard, the Chihuahua tail should be moderately long, carried sickle either up or out, or in a loop over the back with tip just touching the back.

Long coats have the added beauty and attraction of the fur […]

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What is an apple head?

Chihuahua lovers know an apple head when they see one. But what exactly is an apple head chihuahua? What’s the difference between an apple head chihuahua vs a deer head? And how do they get their distinctive head shape? I have answers! My video will explain the origins of the apple head in chihuahuas, the […]

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Meet Bruce! The Newest Addition to our Family!

Pleased to meet you! Bruce! He is our latest addition to our Sweetie Pie Pets family! Bruce has the most beautiful babydoll face and will be our new stud dog. He is a beautiful lilac color, long hair, and a nice sickle-shaped, bushy tail, and a very loving personality.

But Bruce’s most striking feature has […]

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Kuma comes to visit!

Kuma age 3 weeks

Zoe came to visit Kuma when she was just a baby. She knew right away that Kuma was the perfect Sweetie Pie she had been looking for. She took Kuma home with her at age 12 weeks old and reported back that she was exactly what she had hoped she would be.

One […]

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Today We’re Happy for Olivia!

Olivia received the gift of a lifetime!

Olivia is a sweet girl who just always wanted a puppy. Birthdays, Christmases, or when anyone simply asked, Olivia wanted a puppy. 

Olivia’s grandmother, Karen, and her parents, Daniel and Emily finally decided it was time to fulfill that wish. When Olivia was 10 years old and was showing a lot […]

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Puppies Watching Videos of Puppies

Puppies watching videos of puppies

We noticed that some of our Chihuahuas like watching videos of themselves or other Chihuahuas. So adorable!

Here’s the original video of Will eating a bone that’s bigger than he is!

While I was replaying the video, I noticed Will was very interested in that puppy who was eating his bone . . […]

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This Year, ask for an Easter puppy!

This year, ask for an Easter puppy!
That’s right! These are the cutest . . . puppies . . . ever! You will melt! And they’re available just in time for Easter. These are a long haired Chihuahuas – white with adorable black and tan markings. They have beautiful babydoll faces with big, bulgy eyes and short snouts. This litter of puppies is kid approved, […]

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