Meet Polar and Rupert,
2 FAMOUS brothers . . .

That’s right, Polar and Rupert are famous! Both super fluffy, long haired Chihuahua puppies. They were born Sept 23, 2016. They are ready to go. Scroll down to read about their Hollywood fame!

Rupert $1,500 00

Rupert was chosen by Hollywood to be in a PetSmart commercial!

That’s right! Rupert went to Hollywood on November 30th for his 10 minutes of fame. It was the cutest thing to watch the camera crew, director, and all the support staff make such a huge deal over this tiny dog. They said the commercial should be airing in about 6 weeks so keep your eye out for Rupert in a PetSmart commercial sometime in January, 2017

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  • Triple Coat Chihuahua
  • Laid Back Personality
  • Hand Raised With Kids
  • Charting to weigh 3.5 lb.
  • Up to date on vaccinations
With fall in the air and winter on it’s way, Rupert is hoping to have someone to cuddle by the time the cold weather hits.

Pictures of Polar’s photo shoot and the graphics for the Purina packaging

“MMM, I love Purina! Just kidding,
I actually only Eat Life’s Abundance”


Long coat, super fluffy triple coat Chihuahua puppy – white and cream

$2000 00 Sold

Polar was chosen by a Hollywood agent for a photo shoot to put him on the Purina Dog Chow Vida Sana packaging. We are so honored and flattened that Hollywood picked a Sweetie Pie Pet to represent their client. WOW! See pictures of his photo shoot below

But, Polar doesn’t really care about any of that. He spends his days lazying around, romping and cuddling and just plain being adorable. Polar will make a wonderful addition to any family. He’s extremely laid back, very friendly, and happy all the time. He does not whine and he does not shake.

Polar won’t last long so hurry and call Kelly to secure him as your little star!

  • Charting to weigh 3.5 lb full grown!
  • Gorgeous, full coat – white with cream markings
  • Hand raised with kids – he’s extremely sociable and laid back
  • Up to date on vaccinations and working on potty training