Sold Bonnie $1200 00 

Bonnie went home to Fresno with Christina! Scroll down to see Bonnie’s update.

Bonnie is the tiniest baby in her litter. She weighs just 17oz at 10 weeks old. She is charting to weigh just under 3 lb. She’s a smooth coat chocolate with fawn markings. Bonnie is doing wonderfully on her potty training and is up to date on her vaccinations. She has a very loving personality and prefers to cuddle on my lap rather than roughhouse with her brother.

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Bonnie is learning to play dress up . . . since that’s our second favorite thing to do with Chihuahuas. Our first favorite is cuddling!

Christina is Bonnie’s new mama!

Christina drove all the way from Fresno to pick up baby Bonnie. Her reaction when seeing Bonnie: “She’s so much tinier in real life than she looked in the pictures!”

Tiny Bonny is too small to fit into the XS clothes sold at pet stores so she’s sporting a hand made sweater that’s just her size.
At 10 weeks old Bonnie is about the size of my hand.

Christina is Bonnie’s new mama!

On the drive home, Bonnie bonded with Christina and her mom. As you can see, she has found the perfect family to spoil her rotten!

Clyde $800 00 Sold

Clyde is an adorable chocolate Chihuahua puppy with fawn markings and a white sock. His personality is outgoing and playful and he absolutely loves to beat up his baby sister. Clyde’s best features are his large eyes and his proud stance!

Clyde is up to date on his vaccinations and we are working on his potty training.

Call or text Kelly at 909-996-6258.

Clyde10 weeks old
Clyde 10 weeks old

Baby Clyde’s happy new family

Update from Clyde’s new family!

Lacey surprised Anna with the best birthday gift ever – A tiny Chihuahua puppy. We think Anna’s face says it all. Anna and Lacey report back that they are so in love with their new baby boy!