Bella $3000 00 Sold

Beautiful babydoll face, teacup Chihuahua puppy born August 30, 2016
Update: We are so happy for Gina who has been searching for that PERFECT teacup Chihuahua for a very long time. Bella is lucky to have such a wonderful new mama!

Bella would like to wish everyone a happy halloween! She poses perfectly on her tick or treat props because Bella knows SHE is the perfect treat!

Bella weighs only 10oz at 6 weeks old which means she’s charting to weigh just under 2.5 lb. She has a perfect applehead with a very short snout (babydoll face), large protruding eyes, and an adorable little coby body shape. Because of her tiny size, she will stay here with her mama until she’s 10 – 12 weeks old, just before Thanksgiving!

Bella has a tri-color coat but she’s mostly white and has adorable black spots which, of course, bring out her personality — not everyone can pull off wearing polka dots!

Bella says “Happy Halloween”
Bella climbs a tiny hay bale. She says, “I can do it!”