Mordecai $600 00 

Sold – Mordecai is a lucky boy. He got to go live with Kelli and her family of boys and Great Danes. Kelli reports back that Mordecai is fitting perfectly in his new family!

Mordecai is a beautiful cream colored Chihuahua puppy ready to go to his forever home just in time for Christmas. He will be 3 months old on Dec 20th and he comes with all his puppy shots. Mordecai is very active and playful and loves to play tug of war with the kids.

Mordecai is charting to be 5 lb full grown. He would be the prefect pet for a family with kids and lots of activities.

If you have the perfect home to offer Mordecai, please call or text Kelly: 909-996-6258

“Hello? Anyone out there want to adopt me?”
“I smell a bug!”
Mr. Mordecai is always into something. He has to see what’s going on at all times. You better think twice before you leave Mordecai at home while you go on adventures. No, he wants to be the one right there in the middle of all the fun!
Mordecai is always looking for some fun to be had. He’s ready to pounce out of this photo shoot and go find a playmate!

SOLD  Rigby $1200 00 SOLD

UPDATE: Congratulations Monica on your new baby boy.

Mr. Rigby, born September 20, 2015 to Annie and Cupid is absolutely perfect in every way. He’s teeny, tiny and should reach his full size around 2.5 lb. Rigby has super short legs and a beautiful applehead and a loving personality to go with it.

Rigby has been a favorite family member since birth. He’s been held and loved every day of his life and is extremely sociable.

Annie's Sable Colored Boy6 Weeks Old
At 6 weeks old Rigby’s gorgeous apple head has taken shape.
Annie's Sable Colored Boy6 Weeks Old
You can see how tiny Rigby is next to my finger.