About Sweetie Pie Pets!

Sweetie Pie Pets is a small network of Chihuahua breeders located near Los Angeles. We are animal lovers in every way. All our pups are born right here in our homes and are loved from day one. We take care to socialize each pup by holding and interacting with them on a daily basis. Our homes are full of kids and love, so the pups are raised learning to adore people of all ages. Once the pups are a couple weeks old, we introduce them to some of our older, retired “grandmother” dogs so the pups learn appropriate behavior for interacting with other dogs. We believe these early measures we take to socialize our pups are vital to ensure the good temperament of your dog as he/she continues to grow.

All our dogs are up to date on vaccinations and dewormings and are kept in clean, comfortable living quarters inside the house. The adults who are all fully vaccinated enjoy daily outdoor play time. We are lucky to live in Southern California where almost every day of the year has some portion of the day with perfect outdoor weather. In the hot summers, they enjoy morning and evening outdoor play time. In the winter time, high noon warms up to just-right temperatures.

With the exception of a couple of our family “favorites” whom we couldn’t bear to part with, once our breeding dogs reach age 5-6 years old we retire them from breeding by getting them fixed, then finding loving homes for them to live out their lives. All our Chihuahuas are happy and healthy and that’s just how we think it should be.

Who Is Sweetie Pie Pets?

We are animal lovers, first and foremost, and with that passion we can confidently state that “Our mission is to hand-raise puppies, to properly socialize them to live as family pets, to follow the proper breeding and vaccination guidelines to safeguard the health of our puppies, and to carefully select the family that our puppies will be joining.”
We believe families should have pets, and the most loving, loyal, and protective pets are canines. Dogs have a long history with humans and can serve many purposes. Breeds are all different and each family needs to ponder the reason they would like to have a dog. Some breeds, like the chihuahua, are specifically bred to sit in your lap, to cuddle up with you, and enjoy your companionship. Some breeds, like the Labrador Retriever are playful, intelligent, outdoor dogs, who love going on walks and playing fetch. We feel it’s important to match the breed to your family wishes.
Our promise is that we lovingly hand-raise our puppies and socialize them to be family pets. We promise to follow proper breeding and vaccination guidelines. We promise to advertise our puppies honestly and accurately. We promise to protect you, our clients, with the facts about our breeding program and our puppies. We promise to ship or deliver the advertised puppy. And we promise to give care instructions and offer suggestions and support and answer any questions our buyers may have for the entirety of the puppy’s life.
We have shipped puppies all over the United States. Our puppies live from Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, the Carolinas, and down into Georgia. We have shipped puppies throughout the mid-west, and up and down the west coast. Our usual method is through the airlines who have very strict policies in place to ensure the safety and well-being of live animals being shipped on their airplanes. All puppies being shipped are given a health certificate from our veterinarian, that ensures that the puppy is healthy to travel. The crates are airline-approved, and extra food, water, and nutrition supplements are provided for airline personnel to give to the puppies in transit. We try to find direct flights, but in the case of smaller airports, sometimes we have to find connecting flights for the puppies. It’s always stressful shipping puppies by airline, but we have a flawless safety record.
Chihuahuas Cuddle & Loyalty Score 100

Our hand-raised Chihuahuas make the perfect addition to your family!

We have all colors and sizes – ranging from standard sized Chihuahuas to micro teacup Chihuahuas. We breed toward the applehead that is the breed standard. Chihuahuas can be fierce and very loyal, and it is very important that you buy from a responsible breeder who socializes them and hand raises their pups.