Puppies watching videos of themselves

At Sweetie Pie Pets, we’re always taking videos and pictures of puppies. We have daily play time where we all get down on the floor together and be silly. Camera is always close by so we can catch all the cuteness!! One day while I was goofing off with little Will on my bed recording him eat a huge bone, I discovered that Will likes watching videos of himself! So adorable!

Here’s the original video of Will eating a bone that’s bigger than he is!

While I was replaying the video, I noticed Will was very interested in that puppy who was eating his bone . . . until he forgot all about it

I took this video of tiny Bella some months back before she went to live with her new mama Gina.

I was holding Grace while watching the video one day and noticed how intrigued she was watching this tiny puppy run around.

Puppies watching videos of puppies

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