True Story . . .

My sister came over today and told me, “Those white and black puppies you have are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I don’t even like dogs and I want one of those.”

No kidding, that’s literally what she said. We have to agree that they are the cutest things ever — but then again, we’re partial to Chihuahuas!


Long Haired Male Chihuahua Puppy – White with Black Markings

$2,000 00 Sold

Thor is absolutely gorgeous in every way. From the tip of his babydoll nose to the tip of his fluffy tail, he is a perfectly tiny ball of soft cuddle. He’s looking for just the right home where he will be spoiled like he’s used to!

Thor was born to a family of 3 brothers. Big brother Thatch is the bully, and little brother Cap’n Jack is Mr. Independent who tries to fight back. But middle brother Thor is the peace keeper. Thor is always happy and prefers not to engage his 2 brothers in their rough housing. He’ll run right over to Mama Kelly and asked to be cuddled white Thatch and Cap’t Jack play mean. Thor’s favorite activity is lazying around in their deluxe bed and ignoring his 2 mean brothers!

Congratulations Bozenna, Thor is so excited to fly to New York to meet his new family! He’s going to be a city boy!

  • Charting to be just under 3.5 lb full grown! He weighed exactly 18oz at 8 weeks old.
  • Extreme Babydoll Face
  • Beautiful, thick, long coat
  • Hand raised with kids and lots of love

“I’m ready just in time for Easter”

Thor8 weeks old
Happy little Thor always has a smile on his face!

Thor is practicing his Easter Basket pose so he will be ready when the time comes to surprise someone special!

Thor5 weeks old
Thor has a beautiful thick, long coat with an adorable black mask over one eye. He’s irresistible!
Thor5 weeks old
Thor has a beautiful thick, long coat with an adorable black mask over one eye. He’s irresistible!
Thor5 weeks old
At 5 weeks old Thor weighs just 13oz and fits into a tiny tea cup.
Thor5 weeks old
Thor has a beautiful thick, long coat with an adorable black mask over one eye. He’s irresistible!
Thor5 weeks old
Even at 5 weeks old he’s holding his tail up high with pride. He knows he’s beautiful!


Double Coat White & Black Male Chihuahua Puppy

$1500 Sold

Thatch is the “biggest” boy in this litter — which isn’t saying much. But he absolutely loves to show his 2 brothers that he is boss! In fact, he’ll tell everyone else he’s the boss too. Thatch has that stereotypical Chihuahua personality – “I may be tiny, but I am mighty”. He would be best suited in a home with no other pets (so he can be the only dog) or with a submissive pet (so he can be top dog).

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  • Double coat/short hair
  • Extremely outgoing personality
  • Charting to weigh 4.5 lb full grown
  • First shot
  • Working on his potty training
Thatch5 weeks old
Thatch5 weeks old
At 5 weeks old he’s still smaller than my hand
Thatch5 weeks old
He poses for the camera in his tiny, hand-made Easter sweater
Thatch5 weeks old
Thatch is practicing sitting in an easter basket. He’ll be ready to go to his new home just before Easter.
Thatch5 weeks old
Thatch likes to show of. He holds his tail up with pride!

Cap’n Jack

Long Haired White & Black Male Chihuahua Puppy

Not Available

Cap’n Jack is also know as “Mr. Perfect”. He has such swag and knows exactly how gorgeous he is. He loves to have everyone fawn over him. He holds his head proud and amazingly holds his own when big brother, Thatch rough houses.

We just can’t let Cap’n Jack go. He’s going to be spoiled in one of our breeding homes and in a couple years, we should have Cap’n Jack Juniors!

Parents of this Litter:

Mama Pippa
Mama PippaDam
Pippa is white and black with tan markings. She’s has an outgoing Chihuahua personality. She loves “her people” and protects them firecely. She’s always happy as long as she’s with her own family. But if you’re a stranger, she’ll let you know you need to be respectful of her family! Pippa’s best physical qualities are her nice applehead and huge, brown eyes.
Papa Wesley
Papa WesleySire
Wesley is absolutely beautiful in every way. He has a gorgeous babydoll face and a long, white coat with cream markings. He is very proud with an excellent personality. Wesley comes from Championship bloodlines, as you can tell from his proud stance.