Hand Raised Chihuahua Puppies near Los Angeles

We believe strongly in the method of socialization which can only be accomplished through daily positive puppy-human interactions as well as healthy relationships with the other pets in a household. All of our breeding parents are beloved family pets, and their puppies are born into one of our loving breeding family homes. Our Chihuahuas are handled and loved from the day they’re born until the day they come home to their new loving family. Starting at an early age it is imperative to interact, set routines, pet and play with your puppy, basically allowing them to become familiar with your routines. Take your puppy on walks, go to pet-friendly stores, get him or her accustomed to other dogs, to strangers, to children, etc. Give your puppy a variety of stimulation — cars, vacuum cleaners, cats or other pets, relatives who might come and visit. A properly socialized puppy should not be fearful or aggressive.

Properly socializing a puppy takes time and commitment beginning with the breeder and continuing with the puppies new family. And a new puppy buyer should easily tell which puppies have been properly socialized and handled and which have not. Socialization is the number one priority of Sweetie Pie Pets so rest assured, if you’re adopting from us, you are truly getting a hand raised puppy!

We work with all of our puppies on potty training from a very young age. Most of our adoptive families report back that their new sweetie pie were almost completely potty trained by the time they brought them home from Sweetie Pie Pets. All our puppies are kept up to date with vaccinations and come with a 2 year genetic health guarantee.

Our breeding program is located in Southern California. We have long coat and short coat Chihuahuas for adoption with a variety of colors available. We breed apple head Chihuahuas and babydoll face Chihuahuas. We are committed to finding loving pet homes for all of our puppies where they will continue to be spoiled as they are used to. For more information on Kelly Swift and Sweetie Pie Pets breeding program, please visit our about page.

Deposits work like this: Deposits are $500. They serve to hold a spot in line for a particular litter and are applied toward the puppy’s final purchase price. Sweetie Pie Pet’s adoptions fees range from $3000 – $6000 +tax depending on size and features. Each puppy’s price is set at age 7 weeks. Deposit holders have 1 week to select their puppy and pay the balance. Puppies move to their forever homes at age 8-10 weeks depending on their size and development.

our puppies are generally pre-sold to deposit holders. If you’re interested in placing a deposit for one of our upcoming litters, please scroll through the images of our breeding mamas below, then email us to discuss: puppies@sweetiepiepets.com

Looking for a Chihuahua foster family in Southern California

No experience necessary! No cost to get started!

Dog lovers only!

Sweetie Pie Pets is looking for a loving forever home for our beloved mama Sabrina and daddy Blue. Blue and Sabrina are in the Sweetie Pie Pets breeding program and they want to start a family of their own. They hope to have a litter of puppies early next year so they need to get settled in with their new home soon.

Applicants should work from home and have the ability to drive the dogs to doctor’s appointments and photo shoots when necessary. Our goal for Blue and Sabrina and all of our breeding parents is to be spoiled rotten as someone’s special sweetie pies to love and cuddle every single day. All of our dogs are to be treated as beloved pets in a loving home environment. Retirees are encouraged to apply!

Please do not apply if you have other dogs in the home. Both Sabrina and Blue are alpha personalities so we prefer for them to be the only 2 dogs in their new home. Southern California location is prefered but not required.

Sabrina is just about to turn 2 years old. She had her first litter earlier this year and gave us beautiful Princess Peach who was featured on many of our videos. Sabrina’s healthy weight is around 4.5 pounds, but she has become a little pudgy lately. We’re hoping for some quality play time in Sabrina’s new home to encourage her daily exercise. I also think she will slim down when she no longer has other females to hoard food from. Sabrina is very adventurous and outgoing. She’s very curious and extremely intelligent. She has a beautiful babydoll face and thick, luxurious coat. She loves attention from adults but takes time to warm up to kids.

Blue is a 3.5 year old Chihuahua with a beautiful long coat and gorgeous blue eyes. He weighs 4 pounds, 6 oz and has fathered many beautiful puppies including Hamster whose picture hangs on the wall behind me in my YouTube videos. Blue has a submissive personality toward humans but is an alpha male with other dogs.

Because Blue has been a breeding dog, he will always have the tendency to mark his territory with little drops of pee. He wears a belly band when he’s having play time in the house. He is strictly an indoor dog except his daily backyard play when the weather is nice. Blue is crate trained and waits to be let outside in the morning to go potty.

If you are a sweetie pie lover, and have plenty of time on your hands to commit taking on 2 new fur family members, you might be right for the job. If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate sweetie pie pets breeder, please email so we can discuss:


Below are some of our previous puppies. These puppies have all found homes.

Generally our puppies are pre-sold without being listed on our website. To ensure a spot in line for a future puppy, it’s best to place a deposit for one of our upcoming litters. Deposit holders have until age 8 weeks to select the puppy they want from that litter or pass and transfer their deposit to a future litter. In that case, the puppies will be available to the deposit holder who is next in line for the litter. If there are no other deposit holders for that litter, the puppy will be posted available above.

Wink – Long Coat Lilac Male

Born August 11, 2021

Wink found his forever home!

Wink is a very special little sweetie pie. He gets his name from his permanent winking face. You see, little Wink was born with just one eye. The other eye just didn’t develop in utero. But that’s OK, the doctor has checked him out and says his one beautiful, green eye works just fine. Wink will live a normal life and we know he will find a perfect family to love him and treat him just the same.

Wink is a happy boy in spite of himself and has learned to compensate quite nicely. He’s been featured in many of our YouTube videos and has made quite an impression on my viewers.  When he wants to get a good look at something he just turns his little head to the left so he can get an up close look!

Wink is a tiny little think and should reach just under 4 pounds full grown. He’s doing wonderful on his pee pad training and he comes with a 2 year genetic health guarantee. Watch a video of Wink and his siblings below.

If you’re interested in Wink, please email so we can discuss and see if he would be the right fit for you and your family.


Long Coat Fox Sable Female

Born May 11, 2021: ready to go now

Foxxy Girl found her forever home!

Foxxy Girl is looking for a perfect family to love. She’s irresistibly adorable with her super fluffy red coat, big brown eyes, and beautiful apple head. She’s got a happy, friendly personality and loves to play with other fur babies. My favorite is when she hops around like a teeny, tiny little red lamb! She’s adorable in every way and is going to bring a lot of joy into the lives of her forever family!

Foxxy Girl has been hand raised since birth to ensure excellent social skills. She is up to date on her puppy vaccinations and is working on her pee pad training every day. At 10 weeks old, she weighs 30oz which means she should grow to almost 5 pounds full grown. She comes with a 2 year genetic health guarantee.

If you’re interested in Foxxy, please email so we can discuss and see if she would be a good fit for you and your family.


Long Coat White with Black Markings

Born May 18, 2021

Rocky found his forever home!

This is little Rocky. He’s the fluffiest, sweetest, happiest, kissy-est boy ever. Rocky is pure white with irresistible black markings in all the right places to frame his tiny body. He’s got lovely black rings on his proud tail, and a perfectly framed little face complete with black markings on his ears and perfect eye liner. He’s the prettiest little boy that ever existed and he’s looking for a perfect family to love forever.

Rocky is being hand raised as all our puppies are. He’s used to kinds and is doing excellent on his pee pad training. We expect him to reach 4.25 pounds full grown.

We are considering pet families for Rocky. We’re looking for a home where he will continue to be spoiled as he’s used to.

Please email for inquiries.

Long Coat Cream & White Male

Born February 5, 2021

Zuko has found his forever family

Zuko is a teeny tiny long coat apple head with a loving personality. He’s been hand raised since birth with daily love and attention from humans of all ages. He loves people and wants to be someone’s special cuddle bug. He’s almost completely pee pad trained and has his first puppy vaccination.

Zuko weighs only 19 oz at 8 weeks old which puts him on track to reach about 3.5 pounds full grown. We’re looking for just the right family to love Zuko. Pictures of mom Frida and dad Ollie in carousel below.

Please email for inquiries.

Yorkie Puppy

Born November 24, 2020; ready to go beginning of February 2021

Chewbacca has found his forever home

Medusa has done it again! She gave us another a tiny Yorkshire Terrier boy. If you have issues with dog allergies, Yorkies are a great alternative to Chihuahuas. Most dogs have fur, but Yorkies have hair rather than fur. This keeps shedding to a minimum (yay allergies). Similar to humans, a Yorkie’s hair grows continuously which allows for those adorable little hair cuts. You wouldn’t want to cut your Chihuahua’s fur because it would take a very long time to grow back. For more information on Yorkies vs. Chihuahuas, click here to watch our YouTube video.

Pictured here is little Chewbacca. He was Medusa and Hades last puppy. Chewbacca’s new baby brother should look just like him. As he grows, we will update the site with new pictures. As with all of our puppies, this puppy is being hand raised inside our affiliate breeder’s family home. Parents Medusa and Hades are pictured in the image carousel below. Click to enlarge. We will work with him on potty training and he will be up to date on his vaccinations.

Please email for inquiries

Double Coat Chocolate & White Apple Head

Born October 14, 2020: ready to go December 23, 2020

Margo Jr. has found her forever home

We’ve been calling this little cutie Margo Jr because her color and markings look exactly like our beloved Margo. She’s a confident, independent little girl who won’t hear of any other dogs trying to boss her around. She has beautiful hazel colored eyes to match her chocolate coat.

Margo Jr is being hand raised with daily socialization exercises. She is energetic, playful, and happy and will be an excellent companion for an active family. She is doing great on her potty training. She’s charting to reach 4.5 pounds full grown. She is up to date on her vaccination and comes with a 2 year genetic health guarantee.

Scroll to the end of the photo carousel to see pictures of mommy Maria and daddy Bruce.

Please email for inquiries.

Long Coat Chocolate Apple Head

Born October 14, 2020: ready to go December 23, 2020

Vanessa has found her forever home

Beautiful Vanessa played the part of Coco on our recent video “5 shades of fluff“. She didn’t have to be asked twice to frolic around with 4 other fur babies. This little girl LOVES friends and fun activities! She’s an outgoing and confident little girl and wants to be friends with everyone. We named her after beautiful Vanessa Williams.

Vanessa is being hand raised with daily socialization exercises including puppy play dates. She would love to find a family with kids or other fur buddies so she doesn’t get bored. She’s charting to reach about 5 pounds full grown. She is working on pee pad training, is up to date on her vaccination and comes with a 2 year genetic health guarantee.

Scroll to the end of the photo carousel to see pictures of mommy Maria and daddy Bruce.

Long Coat Black and Tan Tri-Color

Born October 2, 2020: ready to go December 11, 2020

Jack has found his forever home

Jack has an irresistible little face with large, tan eyebrows and so much scrumptions fluff. He has been hand raised in one of our loving affiliate homes. He loves people of all sizes including children since he is growing up in a house full of kids. He has a laid back, happy personality. He’s playful, calm and quiet.

Jack has been working on his potty training. He is up to date on his vaccination and comes with a 2 year genetic health guarantee. We are looking for just the right home for Jack. He loves belly rubs and cuddle time so no grinches allowed.

Scroll to the end of the photo carousel to see pictures of mommy Emiko and daddy Bruce.


Born June 8, 2020

Maui has found his forever home

Maui is a long coat, black and white long coat apple head. He has a wonderful personality, happy and well socialized. Maui is being hand raised and is doing wonderful on his potty training. Maui is charting to reach 4 to 4.5 pounds full grown. He’s looking for just the right family to love forever.

You can watch weekly updates of Maui and his sister from the day they were born on our YouTube channel at: YouTube.com/SweetiePiePets

our puppies generally pre-sell to deposit holders. If you’re interested in placing a deposit for one of our upcoming litters, please email: puppies@sweetiepiepets.com


Born June 8, 2020

Moana has found her forever home

Moana is a white and chocolate long coat, babydoll face! And that’s a lot for a tiny girl. Muana weighed only 14.5 oz at 7 weeks old so she’s a very tiny girl indeed. We expect her to be in the 3 pound range full grown. Moana has a beautiful babydoll face with an extra short, chocolate colored nose with hazel eyes to match. She’s a very precious little girl.

Moana is being hand raised at one of Sweetie Pie Pet’s loving affiliate homes. She receives daily love and affection to ensure the best socialization. She has a brother and a step fur mom named Sasha so she’s used to playing with other sweetie pies. Moana is working on her potty training and will be up to date on her puppy vaccinations. She comes with a 2 year health guarantee.

If you’d like to place a deposit for an upcoming litter, please email: puppies@sweetiepiepets.com 

Babydoll face Chihuahua puppy for sale Los Angeles


Born December 16, 2019

Crysta has found her forever home

This is little Crysta! She is a long coat black female Chihuahua with an extreme babydoll face. Go ahead and say it, she looks like a Gremlin, I know! But don’t let that pouty face fool you. She’s a happy girl, wearing a grumpy kitty mask. Crysta and her siblings have been hand raised with kids. She’s an outgoing girl, very sociable active. She’s up to date on her vaccinations and comes with a 2 year health guarantee.

Crysta and her siblings love their play time and are happiest when there’s a lot of fun activities going on. We have daily socialization exercises to prepare her for her forever home. She will make an excellent travel companion and work buddy. Crysta is expected to reach about 5.5 pounds full grown.

Crysta’s mother is Emiko If you’d like to place a deposit to get one of Emiko’s next litters, please email puppies@sweetiepiepets.com

Apple head long coat female chocolate Chihuahua puppy for adoption


Born December 16, 2019

Princess has found her forever home

Say Hello, Princess! Princess is a long coat chocolate with an extreme babydoll face. We are in love with her huge, hazel eyes and her short little nose! Princess has been hand raised in one of our loving Sweetie Pie Pets affiliate homes. She has been handled daily since birth and has a lot of socialization practice with kids.

Princess is an active girl from a large litter so she would be best suited for a home with lots of fun activities to keep her entertained. Princess is particularly hoping for a home with kids to play with – or at least another fur buddy to keep her company. She’s doing excellent on her pee pad training and is ready for her forever home now. We expect her to reach about 6 pounds full grown.

Princess’ mother is Emiko! For information on Emiko’s upcoming litters, please email puppies@sweetiepiepets.com


Born December 14, 2019 | Ready to go now

Charlie has found his forever home

Charlie is a long coat, black and tan tri-color extreme apple head Chihuahua with a short nose and big, beautiful eyes. Charlie is 9 weeks old now and ready for his forever home. He’s doing excellent on his potty training and socialization skills. He’s waiting for just the right family to come along so he can impress with his charm and good looks!

Barkley’s mamma reports that he is “the most popular dog in the neighborhood and the love of (her) life”. Charlie is hoping for a mamma as wonderful as his older brother Barkley’s!

Charlie’s mamma Dolly has retired. If you like the look of Charlie, please check back in 2021 for Sabria’s hopeful first litter.


Born December 12, 2019

Hamster has found his forever family

Say hello to the fluffiest Hamster ever and then look closer. This hand sized ball of fluff is “Hamster” the Chihuahua puppy. Little Hamster is perfect in every way  from the tip of his apple head nose to the end of his pudgy little tail, we can’t stop loving on him! He is going to be someone’s love bug. This boy is being sold as a pet only, no breeders please. Little Hamster’s mommy Bristol and Daddy Blue both have thick, luxurious coats so it’s no surprise Hamster came out as a mini me! Bristol is an AKC grand champion but she doesn’t care anything about that. She just wants to sit and cuddle all day playing with her sweet little boy.

Hamster is the only puppy in his litter so he’s the lucky boy who never has to share affection with siblings. His litter personality is just starting to shine and he has a quiet, gentle disposition. He will make a perfect companion for the right family.

If you like the look of Hamster, we recommend a deposit toward Daisy’s next litter. Please email puppies@sweetiepiepets.com.